Special Thanks

A special thank you to the following people for whose energy, dedication and outright genius in their fields made it possible for this code to be broken and system to come to fruition.

The legal Team!
Judith Fordham Barrister

Thanks Judith, who better than one of Australia’s finest and outrageously accomplished barristers to point me in the right direction the entire time, you’re a Saint, as always! www.judithfordham.com.au

Di Carey (Government Solicitor)

Always there for me, your compassion and understanding of law, governmental law, and its application, are always an inspiration, thank you Di, you’re an awesome friend.

Talbot Olivier

Darryl (Barrister and Solicitor)
Thanks Darryl, your sheer attention to detail was awesome, no one better to sift through each of those awards and regulations and offer your amazing insights than you. Thanks for seeing what I saw and making it all fit, Brilliant!

Australian Taxation Office

Jonathan McGibbson
WOW, had no idea you guys were going to give this so much attention. Really appreciate your aggressive research and commitment to see in this system what I have always known were possible. You’re a winner, thank you.

Josephine Norman (Editor)

Behind every good writer is a phenomenal editor, know one makes my sloppy and sometimes unrecognisable writing come to life like you Josephine, you are a true genius! Lets do it again Jose.

(Other editors to thanks Barbara Holten at tropical Dragon QLD, David at FixGrammar.com, Camille at Editmyenglish.com)

Greg Chapell Chartered Accountant

Tony Clifton (CPA)
You sure know your ATO stuff Tony, thanks for the countless optimistic view on my sometimes-obscure look at what is now an Australian first. Your systems assistance has been so totally valuable, couldn’t have done it without you, thanks big time.

Small Business Development Corp

Mary Prosser
Your guidance, optimism and sheer dedication to my vision is muchley appreciated. Keeping me up to date on changes in government and further pointing me in the appropriate direction didn’t go un appreciated, thank you and the entire crew at the SBDC.

Industrial Relations Departments all around Australia

Too many people to thank here, but defiantly hasn’t gone unappreciated. Thanks for pushing this to the limit and seeing the law for what it is and not what some have chosen to see it in the past. Your time sifting through the taxation detail I know must have been a challenge and I fully appreciate all of your hard word,  thoughts and most of all, feedback.

Friends and Industry Buddies
Thank you to my countless hairdressing buddies from all over Australia for your constant feedback on making this a reality, love you all.